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It is 2020, guys! The global fashion is in full swing and the kids do not want to stay behind in this race. Kids want to look stylish and “in”.

And the good news is that millennial parents understand this! They do not oppose the idea of making their kids look trendy, cool, and smart. Long gone are the days when boomers did not allow their kids’ hair to grow more than an inch or did not let them color them. The millennial parents understand that their kids have every right to express their individuality through their appearance. Parenting techniques have evolved a lot, so little boys do not have to keep the wish of getting a cool haircut to themselves. Rather, they can go to men’s barber shop nearby and can get an age-appropriate haircut of their choice.

We have created this list of the 8 coolest haircuts ideas that are popular among kids (boys) all over the world. You can check this list and choose the one for your kid if he is looking for cool haircuts.


If your kid is stylish and is ready to put efforts to style his hair every day, then pompadour is the one to have. This amazing haircut can make any kid look cute as well as cute. It gives such a high-maintenance look that your kid will look presentable as well as conscious of himself.

So, get ready to make your little boy look like a handsome little gentleman in no time!

Comb Over

A comb-over can never stop giving males a prince-like look regardless of their age, color, and nationality. Your kid is going to have a regal look with this amazing haircut that you will see him feeling more confident and chivalrous. You can add more spice to this hairstyle by pairing it with the undercut.

Spiky Hair

Spiky haircuts have been in trend for a lot time now that we cannot consider them a fad anymore. Spikes make your kid look chic in no time! Spiky hair helps your kid feel trendy & fashionable even in his uniform. Provide him with good quality organic hair gel or hair spray and rest be assured that his swag will be unmatchable

Shaggy Hair

Shaggy hair does not only look comfy and cute, but they also make your kid look stylish. Shaggy hair may look unkempt but it is a high maintenance hairstyle. You can make your little man look like a packet of charm with this hair. So, make sure that your kid gets this haircut once in his childhood to make him pass through the cutie pie phase.

Slicked Back

No one can deny the spell of attractiveness a slick back haircut can blow on everyone. They are so easy to maintain yet they look super royal. With this cute slick back haircut, your kid will look no different than a knight. Hence, always give your kid a choice of slicked back hair if you want him to look super handsome, confident, and intelligent.

Slicked Back


If you are looking for low maintenance effortless hairstyle for your little boy then going for a quiff can be a good choice. It goes well with kids with medium length to longer hair. The amazing texture of quiff haircut will make your kid’s hair appear more voluminous and flowing. There are many ways to carry this haircut. Kids often go for taper fade or undercut, or get a side quiff to personalize their haircut a little more.


Buzz Cut

If you want your kid to have very short hair yet make him look super cute & stylish, buzz cut would be your best bet! This haircut is very suitable for kids who have a super active lifestyle and they do not want to spend time on styling them after every hour.

So, these are some of the really cool age-appropriate haircut ideas for your kids in 2020. Check them out and pick the most suitable one to make your kid look red-carpet ready in no time!

Plan the next play date of your kid at any nearby men’s barber shop and see your kid feel valued & confident in a way you couldn’t have imagined!

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