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In this article, we will discuss different components of the computer related to the final desktop. we have read many articles about the components of the computer. basically, we will discuss something new like how do these components of the computer work for the final desktop? we do research on components of the computer to make them better to use for different purposes. purposes can be of different kinds. it may be gaming, online work, etc. to fasten the performance of your computer you need to do some changes to your computer, to make it good enough for your work or purpose.

How to change the composition of the computer?

Internet is here for you. you can buy new things for your personal computer online according to your choices. it may be expensive but there are some websites which are offering you to buy different components of the computer at cheap prices. you can check online for this to get started the work to change your computer into the fastest and advanced computer. the choice is all yours. computer components help to make your computer faster and smooth to perform functions.

Main units of computers.

There we have five main units of computer which work together to perform functions.

Input units.

A computer only works when we give commands to it. we can give these commands using input units and input devices. just like the keyboard is an input device.

Output units.

When we command the computer to perform a specific task it gives us information in result. the information which comes as a result of your task called output. for example Mouse, Monitor, etc.

Memory unit.

When you enter data into the computer the entered data will immediately be saved in the memory unit. and this memory unit transmits it further to other components of the computer.

Control unit.

The control unit controls the whole functioning of the components of the computer. it is the most essential and important component of the computer.

Logical unit.

As we can get through the name. this unit help to perform calculation, mathematics, and arithmetic operations. it can also help in the comparison of data and decision-making activities. multiplications, subtraction division all calculations are performed in it. some important components of the computer which can make it better for games.

Graphic cards.

A Graphics card is a hardware device. it is used to display images on the monitor. it can help to change the quality and size of images. graphic card is also known as video card helps your computer to improve the graphics of your games.


It is an internal hardware device. as we can get through the name. it helps to improve the quality of the sound.

peripheral devices.

These devices connect to the computer externally. and we can still work on a computer without it.

hard drive.

The hard drive is the storage part of the computer all files are stored in it. it is permanent data storage. all files save in it permanently. we should change the above units and components of the computer for the gaming rig.


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