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Bhakoot Dosh- Remedies in Kundali

In Kundali Milan or Horoscope Matching, so as to find out the compatibility level of the boy and girl is matched prior to the marriage. There are many important aspects of Matchmaking and one such aspect is Bhakoot Dosha or Rashi Koot.

There are three types of Bhakoot Dosha

  • 6-8 Mrityu Shadshtak Bhakoot Dosh
  • 9-5 Navpancham Bhakoot Dosh
  • 12-2 Dwadash Dwitiya Bhakoot Dosh

These doshas are known to bring malefic situations like death, health issues progeny issues, and financial losses after the marriage of the prospective bride and groom if any such combinations form during the process of matchmaking or Gun Milan. Therefore, the cancellation of Bhakoot Dosh is extremely crucial for a happy and blissful life post marriage for the pair. When might not feel the impact or harmful effects of Bhakoot Dosh initially in the marriage but as time in each other’s company will pass due to the marital ties, the malefic effect of Bhakoot Dosh will come across in the marital life of a couple.

Remedies of Bhakoot Dosh

It is very important to remedy Bhakoot dosh as it can possibly result in failure or cancellation of marriage gradually or could possibly lead to many other problems in the life of the couple. Like any other dosh like Mangal Dosh, which is known to hamper the happy married life of the duo, likewise, Bhakoot dosh is likely to destroy the marriage gradually.

Note- One thing to be noted here is that Bhakoot Dosh does not get canceled or removed completely. However, through various remedies, it can be reduced to a great extent for the couple to live happily and in peace

Now, Bhakoot dosh is said to be lessened if the following conditions are analyzed in the Kundali-

If the Lord of Moon sign is the same in Horoscopes of both bride and groom, Bhakoot dosh is known to be lessened.

  • Other than this, the 6-8 Bhakoot dosh is said to be lessened in the case of Aries-Scorpio and Taurus-Libra.
  • While 12-2 Bhakoot dosh is said to be lessened in the case of Capricorn-Aquarius. Though it is less in these cases, it should be remembered that it does not get completely canceled.

The actual malefic effects caused by the Bhakoot Dosh brings different results to the couples, depending upon the planetary aspects present in the Kundali. These defects can be possibly more serious if doshas or malefic presence like Nadi Dosha, weak Graha Milan, or Gana Dosha is present in the horoscope.

However, the couples who have Bhakoot dosh during the Kundali Matching process should not lose their hearts as there are many remedies for it which can be performed religiously like Poojas, using different Yantras and mantras, also by giving donations, the effects of Bhakoot Dosh can be reduced for couples to lead a better and happy marital life. Well, yet another thing to be remembered here is that the Nivaran or remediation of Dosha should be done under the guidance of expert astrologers.

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