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Best ways to trace the live location of kids: use the FamiSafe app

FamiSafe app

Innocent children are susceptible to several risks online. Criminals are looking for their straightforward targets online, and that they use pretend profiles on social media platforms to catch them. Children build friends online quickly, and thus their online safety is of prime importance recently. Folks or guardians wish to confirm that their children are safe from online cybercriminals. They supply smartphones to children for education and safety functions. However, if there’s no restriction on the net, they could come upon no legal sites or inappropriate sites that aren’t meant for youths. These sites got to be blocked on their smartphones by using the FamiSafe parental control app


This app has mobile location huntsman options that use period GPS to search out any targeted device’s precise location. Several mobile tracker applications or location tracker apps are out there online recently, that have parental management options enabled. However, the simplest mobile location tracker app is FamiSafe as a result of it is used for humanoid telephone trailing furthermore as iPhone location trailing on a period basis. The appliance file size of FamiSafe is a smaller amount; therefore it consumes fewer houses on the kid’s phone, creating an additional house on the kid’s phone for alternative helpful apps. These applications permit the fogeys to watch kids’ online activities, check decision logs, track their kids’ live location, and check interaction on social media applications like Whatsapp or Facebook courier.


A common answer to trace the live location of children


Parents also can use Google parental control options on their kid’s phones. This built-in feature of Google chrome is on the market on android devices. By sanctioning this feature, folks will check online activities and track the live location of children with efficiency.


Features of Wondershare FamiSafe app


Real-time location sharing:-Some children are naughty and they have a habit of going to different places at school or school. They could choose a date with their girlfriends within the park or watch a picture show within the theatre with friends. Folks World Health Organization area unit troubled regarding kids’ future wishes to grasp whether or not they attend their coaching job institutes or regular faculty categories, or tuition. For this purpose, they use a mobile tracker app on their phone to trace kids’ live location employing a period GPS tracking system.

Location history tracking: victimization a feature of the FamiSafe app, we can check kids’ location history.

Geofencing setting: If we wish to ban our children from visiting bound places, we can use the FamiSafe app’s Geofencing options.


How to use the Wondershare FamiSafe app?


To transfer the FamiSafe app, we can head to the play store of android smartphones or the app store of apple phones.

After putting in the FamiSafe application on Kid’s portable, folks will track kids’ live location remotely from their device.

Other helpful features of FamiSafe


Limit the screen of kid’s mobile phones: it’s seen that children use their mobile phones for a protracted time, which may hamper their seeing and build their vision poor. To confirm that they cannot use their phones throughout their sleeping hours or study time, we can limit their phones’ screen time with the FamiSafe app.

Activity reports:- victimization the FamiSafe app, folks will track their kids’ online activity and verify the recently put-in or deleted application on their kid’s phones. During this approach, they’ll analyze the foremost long application on their mobile phones furthermore.

App usage and blocker:- By knowing the foremost long apps or inappropriate apps for youths, we can impose restrictions for being accessed on kid’s phones remotely.

Parental alerts:- generally, our children have gotten inappropriate texts from AN unknown person. These text messages might be perturbing for youths on social media platforms. Folks will get instant parental alerts so they’ll raise a red flag at the proper time.


Price Plans of FamiSafe


The free trial version of FamiSafe is upgraded by monthly, quarterly, or annual plans. The monthly cost is 9.99 USD, the quarterly cost is 19.99 USD, and also the annual cost is 59.99 USD. The main points of the plans and their options are checked from the official website of FamiSafe. 


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FamiSafe app is that the best location tracker app that uses a period world positioning system or GPS tracking. FamiSafe app will simply find or realize the lost or taken phone’s location and set the phone in alarm mode to become noticeable throughout the search method. We can check children’s live location to confirm kids’ safety against kidnappers of the kid taking care of innocent kids to induce ransom or extortion cash from rich guardians. FamiSafe app is simple to use and operate because it has a superb computer program. This mobile location tracker app is therefore correct in that it will realize lost or taken mobile phones.

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