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Best Places To Visit In Mombasa With Qatar Airways

Best Places To Visit In Mombasa With Qatar Airways

Mombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya, and you can get your Qatar Airways cheap flight booking done to visit it. It offers travel enthusiasts an exotic taste of the African tropics. This place could be considered the cosmopolitan center of Kenya.

But at the same time, Mombasa is also the country’s main tourist attraction. There are many amazing places and tourist spots that will surely catch your attention as you explore the beautiful Mombasa. Here are the best places to visit in the city.

Fort Jesus

Built by the Portuguese between 1593-1596 and designed by the Italian architect Cairati, Fort Jesus is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Although partially damaged, Fort Jesus was built in the shape of a man and is a magnificent display of Portuguese military architecture from the 16th century. Enjoy the displays of a vast collection of pottery and pottery, reflecting the different cultures that were traded on the coast.

The complex has many fascinating ramparts and abandoned buildings, including an Oman house, a building with Omani jewelry, and exhibits on Swahili life. Tourists from all over the world book their online air tickets to reach Mombasa every year just because of this fort.

Mombasa Marine National Park

One of Kenya’s busiest marine reserves, Mombasa Marine National Park, protects mangroves, seagrass beds, sandy beaches, and a coral reef. Diving and snorkeling are popular activities – especially north of Mombasa, from Mtwapa Creek south to the Likoni entrance.

Among the sea creatures inhabiting the reserve are seahorses, rays, and eels, and a popular wreck diving site is MV Denmark. Those who wish to stay dry can view the diverse marine life from the glass bottom boats. The popular Nyali, Bamburi, and Shanzu beaches provide access to the marine park.

Old Town

After gazing at the harbor from Port Jesus, you may feel compelled to walk around the old town. Historians will be delighted with the uniqueness of this port, once ruled by the Portuguese. Most of the current inhabitants are of Asian, Arab, and European descent, and the architectural style reflects their different cultures.

Come and see the narrow streets lined with old buildings with richly carved doors and balconies. Stop at one of the many shops that sell antiques, souvenirs, spices, and fragrance oils, and if you get hungry, dine in one of the many cafes.

Getting your Qatar Airways cheap flight booking done is one of the easiest ways to reach Mombasa with very exotic and sumptuous services at reasonable rates.

North Coast Beaches

The coast north of Mombasa is slightly livelier than the south, and the resorts are closer to the airport and Mombasa city. Palm-lined beaches, crystal clear waters, coral reefs, and a plethora of water sports, resorts, and entertainment venues provide plenty of tourist attractions.

Mombasa Marine National Park surrounds the coast here, with multi-colored coral gardens, airdrops, and Kenya’s best wreck diving at MV Denmark.

Traveling north of Mombasa, Nyali Beach is the first stop. There are shops and hotels along the beach. Farther north, Bamburi Beach, and Shanzu Beach are also tourist resorts with a wide range of accommodation options, from luxury resorts to beach bungalows.

Haller Park

Haller Park, formerly known as the Bamburi Nature Trail, is a hit with bird and animal lovers. Take your family and discover exhibitions of giraffes, Cape buffalos, zebra, water goats, and hippos. And don’t forget the famous interspecies pair that became an internet sensation after the 130-year-old Mzee turtle adopted Owen’s orphaned hippo.

The park is home to over 160 species of birds. Haller Park was a project by Dr. René Haller that began in 1971 when he transformed abandoned limestone quarries into a thriving nature reserve.

Mombasa’s Elephant Tusks

If you have kids or are a kid, karting is always an epic activity. Located on the Malindi Road, Mombasa Go-Kart is a company that offers thrilling go-kart rides. The complex has a beautiful tropical garden with an amazing motorsport facility. Enjoy karting around the track in a small four-wheeled car. Go on an off-road buggy.

Visitors over the age of seven can test one of the bulldozers. Maximize the fun on the trampoline, play table tennis, and play bowling.

Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre

The Bombolulu Workshop is a project of the Kenya Movement Disabled People Association with four sheltered workshops, a cultural center, and a restaurant. At the cultural center, visitors can enjoy tribal dance shows and explore traditional farmsteads all over Kenya. Visitors can also visit workshops and purchase hand-made souvenirs, including jewelry, textiles, wood carving, and leather goods. The income helps keep the center working.

After exploring the area, guests can stop at the restaurant to sample Kenyan-inspired cuisine. You can Book Cheap Flights in Pakistan with the carrier of your choice to visit Mombasa.

Mamba Village Center

Take the opportunity to see the largest crocodile farm in East Africa at the Mamba Village Center. Not only will you gain an excellent knowledge of these fascinating reptiles, but you can also go horseback riding and admire the beautiful botanical garden and its aquarium. In the garden, you can admire flowering orchids, aquatic plants, and carnivorous species.

One of the most exciting things is watching crocodiles fight for food at feeding time. There is a restaurant here that prepares game delicacies such as crocodiles, ostriches, and zebras.


When people think of an exotic paradise in the African tropics, Mombasa is the place that comes to mind. The cosmopolitan tourist center is packed with lots of attractions and offers amazing spots that guarantee you never get bored.

No wonder hundreds of tourists climb its shores and leave it every year to tell them great stories. You can also be one of those by getting your Qatar Airways cheap flight booking done right now.

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