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Best 3 Secure and Reliable Phone tracker App 2021

Phone tracker App

It is a technological regime, and everything is revolutionized. You have the whole world on your palm to do anything using your phone. You are available to visit any place, to buy anything, to hire anyone, to talk to anyone even you can do anything using your mobile phone with an active internet connection. But wait if you lose your phone, you feel like you have nothing. Now, this is time to talk about the best phone tracker app to know your phone location every time.

A phone with an active internet connection keeps peace in your lives while doing everything using your phone even staying with home spending no effort. Also, an active internet connection keeps you informed about your phone location as per GPS representation.

It is so magical and loveable at the same time. The Internet contains lots of apps offering monitoring tracking services better than others. So, we’ve collected the best three phone tracker apps for you to make your mind and get your mental peace for an anti-theft approach.

Check the listed products below:




Aispyer is an advanced technology app to provide you with most of the information about your mobile phone. It is a phone monitoring app that keeps an eye on call logs, phone browsing history, Facebook history, phone numbers, SMS, and WhatsApp messages.

Aispyer is the best phone tracker app that tracks your phone intelligently using GPS and make you aware of its location. It is the best phone tracker app that takes care of mobile location as a focal concern and thus takes care of other monitoring functions for your device’s installed apps.

This best tracker app’s real-time locating experience is so efficient that you can find your devices and loved ones in no time.


Key Features

  • Calls, SMS, GPS tracking.
  • Mobile phone history, WhatsApp activity, Facebook history, browser history monitor.
  • Invisible after getting installed.
  • Data protection and safety methods.
  • Record Keeping of location history.


Supported Devices


  • Android phone and tablets allow installing Aispyer Android version for best tracking experience.
  • Aispyer support iOS devices. You can quickly locate them with Aispyer iOS version and perform other elaborated functions.



When we talk about the best apps for monitoring phones, mobistealth has its place for its responsible working. It is the best phone tracker app as well to locate your friends or family members quickly. It works like a spy that never lets the targeted person know of his tracking while getting the authentic GPS information of his location. This app is even useful for inexperienced users while providing relevant results due to its minimalistic theme and easy to use interface. Also, it provides the users with the monitoring experience over the chats from WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat and other social media platforms of the target phone.



  • Increased usability scale and minimalistic theme.
  • Precise phone location tracking experience and monitoring over the apps.
  • Spy tracking, tracking the device individually without letting the target phone know of being located.
  • Compatible with mostly device for an incredible portable experience.
  • Calls, phone numbers and SMS monitoring.


  • No free trial available for advanced features.
  • Heavy loading experiences for social media chats and monitoring functions.


Supported Devices


  • Android phones and tablet device supported.
  • Supports iOS devices to track phones and tablets.
  • Compatible with Windows PC and Mac.

GPS Phone Tracker App


GPS phone tracker is the best phone tracker available on play store for best tracking experience of the android devices. It is also a great application to provide the target phone’s exact location in a few minutes. The good thing is that no app feature costs no money and is free and available for everyone.

It precisely tracks the coordinates of the phone location and provides with real tracking experience. This application is mainly designed to track the device after a theft or to locate your friends or family members whenever you are distressed of their invisibility.



  • Completely free availability on google play store for all android devices.
  • In-minutes tracking experience with exact coordinates to locate anyone when needed with authentic results.
  • The simple, minimalistic theme for the comfortable experience to never go under pressure and find the device quickly.
  • Exact GPS tracking experience and only needs an internet connection to work.
  • Best phone tracker anti-theft phone application.


  • Lots of ads every time because of its free using permission makes the user annoy at times.
  • Comparatively low tracking speed than other paid apps available.

Supported Devices

  • They are mainly designed for android OS for all mobile phones and tablet devices to locate them after a theft or during an accident.


As mentioned above, the apps are best to keep track of your device if you lost somewhere or suffered from a theft. You have now the option to recover it from anywhere.

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