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Beginners’ Guide to Different Types of Cannabis Strains


Apr 25, 2020

A few countries, including Canada, allow weed to be used for both recreational and medical purposes. The perception of cannabis Strains usage is changing, with people recognizing it as a substance withmany health benefits. If you are eager to try cannabis for the first time, here is some information to help you pick the right cannabis strain.

What Is THC?

Cannabis contains several compounds. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the compounds that has psychoactive effects.Cannabis with higher THC levels will have a moreintense impact than those with low THC levels. Cannabis is classified based on the THC level.

Here is an overview of different types of cannabis strains cultivated and used around the world.

Cannabis Sativa

This plant is a popular cannabis strain. Sativa plants are usually tall and can grow up to 15 feet, and their leaves are narrow and long. They are usually found in places like India, Colombo, Nigeria, Mexico, and Thailand. Sativa contains a higher THC level that can give you an energizing effect with an intense high.

Consuming sativa can enhance your creativity and make you feel happy. It’s an excellent remedy for the symptoms of depression, anxiety and chronic pain. It is best to have some snacks around while taking this strain as it can increase your appetite.

Cannabis Indica

Indica plants grow in cold climates and tend to be shorter, with a maximum height of six feet. The leaves are dark green and thick. The THC level in indica is lower than sativa, and it’s suitable for beginners. Indica strains are preferred for achieving a deeper state of relaxation because of theirsedative properties. Beginners can buy weed in Hamilton by ordering online from the comfort of their homes.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Ruderalis grows much shorter than the other two types and is mostly found in Southern Russia. They have thick and sturdy stems with a height of up to 2.5 feet. Containing a low level of THC, Ruderalis is widely used for medical purposes. If you want to buy cannabis in Hamilton, you can order online or purchase it from a nearby cannabis store.

Hybrid Cannabis

The interest in cannabis varieties has led to the creation of hybrid strains that have different qualities. They are generally identified either as sativa-dominant or indica-dominant. Hybrid strains are popular as they have the characteristics of both sativa and indica strains.

Cannabis has numerous health benefits if consumed responsibly. Educate yourself about what to do while taking cannabis for the first time. Have fun smoking weed and take the time to explore different strains.

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