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Artificial intelligence: opportunities for health

This is an informational article of the latest technology in which suggestions are on how to use artificial intelligence for Public health and her safety.

Artificial Intelligence is helpful in academic research and a huge economy with demonstrable success, The latest technology more helpful in Natural disasters. adobe creative cloud technologies are more helpful for Public safety protection. The current situation of all over the world is disappointing due to unpredictable diseases. The core functions of public health, namely protecting the health of populations. Artificial Intelligence technology helps to design and decide the vision statements for the future of Public health.

Due to the use of the latest technology and focused on the technical possibilities of Artificial Intelligence we have the potential for health protection and expand public health.

Technical Possibilities in artificial intelligence for Public health and safety

.Artificial Intelligence technology

Public Health safety

We are using the possible techniques to analyze the actual diseases in real-time decide to have the potential for health protection.

we can collect the sample and do experiments for an anti-disease vaccine. Artificial Intelligence is a more helpful technology for health and life safety  We can use the Search engine, Google search, and phone GPS information to predict those activities for health, fitness techniques, and something else. this is more productive in daily lifePublic Health safety

Improving Health.

Due to the latest technology uses to increase more bright chances for a successful fight against un-predict diseases. Doctors able to best advise for health protection and fitness.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence technology creat a possibility to find diseases in real-time. Machine Learning providing the help of accuracy in statistics of certain healthImproving Health with awareness technology

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