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Andropause: symptoms. Is male menopause as tiring as menopause?


Aug 17, 2020

Andropause in men is different than menopause in women. There’s no clear line of decline in reproductive performance or a sharp decline in testosterone levels in men. What are the symptoms of andropause? Are there medications that may alleviate them?

Impairment of the endocrine and reproductive function of the testicles during andropause is unique for each man. Some gentlemen, even at a sophisticated age, are seductively active and fit. On the opposite hand, testosterone levels decline with age, all told men, but the method is prolonged. The testosterone level during a man of 80 years is 60 percent. Values ​​at the age of 20–40.

Andropause – the foremost common symptoms

The symptoms of andropause aren’t only thanks to a come by testosterone levels. Low levels of DHEA and somatotrophin are accountable for unfavorable feelings. The results of low levels of those hormones are many and varied:

  • worse overall well-being and mental performance
  • tendency to depression
  • nervousness
  • sleep disturbance
  • decrease in libido
  • weight loss or fat gain
  • the reduction in muscle strength
  • excessive sweating
  • the reduction in bone density
  • weakening of immunity
  • the occurrence of insulin resistance with its consequences, i.e., diabetes
  • increasing the chance of an upset.

Andropause: Is there a right Treatment?

It has been debated for years whether androgen hormone therapy can help. Doctors still haven’t agreed on views on this. There’s still not enough research to indicate that such treatment brings more benefits than side effects. Increasingly, rather than the term andropause, doctors use the term partial androgen deficiency in aging men.

Andropause – what’s it? When does it appear?

Andropause is that the equivalent of menopause, i.e., hormonal changes that occur with age in women. While in women, this term is according to its meaning because it defines the stop of the cycle ( meno – month, pauses – break), in men, it’s not very accurate because it means ‘stopping a man’ ( Andros – a man).

Nevertheless, the term is usually accustomed to describing the range of changes within the body during aging.

Andropause may be a period during a man’s life, usually after fifty, when the degree of male hormones ( androgens ) decreases, which causes symptoms from many organs. Andropause, however, isn’t as distinct as menopause in women. Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200 are the best oral medication to treat ed. Symptoms appear much less frequently and don’t pose such an excellent threat to a man’s health.

What are the causes of andropause?

Underlying andropause is changed within the male system. With age (from around 30-35 years of age), a gradual decrease within the critical hormones for men: testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA-S), moreover because of the hormone and protein IGF-1, melatonin, thyroxin (thyroid hormone ).

However, the degree of decrease of those hormones isn’t identical, all told men, and therefore the symptoms that appear don’t depend only on their concentration. The severity of andropause is influenced by:

genetic predisposition,

psychosocial and socioeconomic factors (having employment, family, friends),

lifestyle – diet, physical activity, addictions (smoking, alcoholism abuse ),

chronic diseases and drug use.

It is impossible to state unequivocally, which a decrease causes symptoms in a very particular hormone. Usually, there’s no decrease within the concentration of one substance or all of the hormones mentioned above simultaneously. No wonder that these days andropause is mentioned because of the polyhormonal psychoendocrine syndrome of time of life. In men, menopause is additionally named androgen deficiency syndrome.

Andropause and menopause

The most striking difference between the two phenomena is that menopause occurs in every woman, while andropause, in line with some experts, may affect only a percentage of men. Super Kamagra and Vidalista 20 are also the best way to treat ed. However, this doesn’t change the very fact that the decrease in testosterone could be an activity that will cause symptoms considered characteristic of andropause.

The start of menopause for a lady also implies that menstruation stops, and thus also ovulation, i.e., the likelihood of procreation. Andropause, although it’s related to a decrease in sensual issues, isn’t directly associated with the cessation of the possibility of procreation. Men often retain the chance of procreating even until death. Therefore, male menopause, unlike menopause, isn’t an irreversible phenomenon in terms of procreation.

How long does andropause last in men?

Andropause may be a phenomenon that lasts for the remainder of a man’s life. The extent of testosterone and other hormones decreases with each passing year, although – as we’ve already mentioned – this doesn’t exclude seductiveness or the chance of manufacturing children.

However, it’s worth emphasizing that although andropause from the hormonal point of view doesn’t have an end-stage, it’s possible to alleviate its mental and physical symptoms. The sensation of the implications of male menopause can, therefore, be overcome.

Andropause – mental symptoms

Andropause isn’t only related to physical symptoms. Like menopause, it also significantly affects a man’s well-being. Therefore, it’s assumed that menopause can dramatically impact a person’s standard of a lifetime and a family, concerning the foremost delicate spheres of life – seductiveness, and psyche. Male menopause may cause, among other things, more significant nervousness, jealousy and suspicion, fear of other men – younger and fitter – difficulty in making decisions, and hypochondria. They worsen, especially when in the middle of disorders associated with seductiveness and a decline in condition.

The symptoms of andropause will be divided into three groups (according to Heinemann et al.):

psychological symptoms

somatovegetative symptoms (organ and functional),

signs from the sensual sphere.

The symptoms of menopause in men is also non-specific, but when combined, they furnish a characteristic image of a person undergoing andropause.

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