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Alluring latest Gaming mechanism available in 2020


Aug 13, 2020
Alluring latest Gaming mechanism available in 2020

Gaming is an essential part of an individual’s life, who surrounds by fast machines, cool accessories, specialized hardware as they form the basic requirements of such people who are hardcore gamers. Many people prefer laptops and mobiles for fulfilling their need to play hardcore games but their needs remain unfulfilled as there are not every gadget in the market that could meet up to the expectations of being gamer-friendly. Certain hardware is meant for some particular gadgets only, and personally, for accomplishing the gaming hobby of an individual it is important that we choose specific gadgets that have the capability to fulfill our hobbies. The hardware is itself unique as it is only used by gaming gadgets and is obviously not supported by every phone or computer.

Beneficial mode of buying Gadgets:

While buying such gaming stuff or its accessories it is important that we also see their prices online which proves to be quite beneficial, because not all can afford such items at a high cost, whereas getting them at reasonable price can make your day. And such reasonable rates can be available at online shopping retailers like Flipkart which with its coupons can avail extra benefits for an individual. Certain Flipkart discount coupons which can make your gaming gadget shopping beneficial, can be without second thought easily availed through CouponsCurry, as it is a great site providing the availability of Flipkart discounts coupons for free.

Choosing a Console can be tricky:

Choosing a gaming console is the most omnipresent kind of entertainment, but the gaming market does not fail to produce its best every time it thinks of launching a console. As there are quite a lot available, for a gamer it becomes a bit difficult to choose between the vast variety of such gaming consoles. So, as to accomplish the need for a suitable gaming gadget one needs to look at the best available items present in the following year. Therefore, the best gadgets presently available in India include:

  1. Play Station 4(PS4): This is the most popular gaming console available in India presently and it is a dream of not only every single one but a treat to eyes for every gamer who wishes to be around the gaming world.


  • The PlayStation 4 Pro has a marvelous Dual Shock 4 controller which allows for a thicker handgrip.
  • When we sought to use this, it attains astounding graphics and a brilliant remote play.
  • It is considered cheaper than the rival gaming console Xbox One.
  • Its RAM quality is very substantial as it easily allows switching between applications.
  • When it comes to using the games of the third parties, it has a quality of running those games smoothly by offering superior performance than the Xbox One gaming console.
  • The pro version of Play station 4 is an upgrade of Sony, also its hardware available is very similar to the ones in the personal computers, which makes it easily accessible and less expensive for gaming studios to develop such a game.

All good things come with certain drawbacks:

  • It does not support external hard drives.
  • Also, it is not compatible with its earlier version gaming consoles, like PS3 games, which cannot be played at PS4 and its accessories are also not supported upon it.
  • Sony being smart tries to charge extra money with an extra availing subscription which hardcore gamers become compelled to buy, by promoting the cloud-based music subscription service and not making PS4 compatible with audio discs, MP3s, and CDs.
  • Xbox One X: This gaming console offers no less gaming experience and is equally better than any existing gaming consoles. Also, it has outnumbered itself in certain areas.


  • It has provided a video quality that no gaming console has ever done before, it has 4K HDR Gaming with 4K Blu-ray player built-in and enhanced 1080p experience.
  • It offers other comforts as well other than gaming experience like that of social media or entertainment, where we can access our social media through this gaming console like accessing Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other entertainment channels.
  • Accessing Entertainment channels at your Xbox console can keep you occupied, but what engages the greatest attention is when we get to access and operate our social media at the similar console when Instagram and Facebook apps are accessible at such a place then such consoles make us spend more time at their setups.
  • Xbox One S also links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, which lets you find more friends to play and connect within the gaming arena. Also, with twitter, there is an accessibility to sharing certain clips and screenshots.

       Accessible drawbacks:

  • Though it is loaded with tremendous features it has a hard drive space of 1TB, which proves to be quite less.
  • Its availability and expensive trading are growing controversial, as gadgets with HD quality do not come at low prices.
  • Considering
  • Gears of War 4
  • Quantum Break about 100GB
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider 51.3GB,

the downloads seem pretty heavy and can certainly pose a problem regarding the available space in the console.

Considering all the factors, it is quite a nice product to buy but poses a bit expensive trait. In order to even the expense of it, one can go through online websites to buy it at a certainly reasonable price. Though not every website would provide you with great deals or vouchers or promotional codes, but certainly you can get through Amazon for this particular product. Amazon promotional codes are real-time and money saver. Especially the promo codes you get through CouponsCurry site, which are 100% accessible and easily used upon such online shopping retailers absolutely for free.

  • Nintendo Switch: Another gaming console that has been proved to be a very portable device and can be switched to the television for friends and family to enjoy with one another.


  • It is basically known for its portability, accessibility, and mobility. As it supports the fact of having fun where- ever we go.
  • It is a great revolutionary gaming console. Though its popularity is way lacking than PS4, as it goes way older than it, but has still adapted newer ways to keep people still intact with its existence.
  • Social gaming is really important, a trend which is beneficial to connect and essential to enjoy for every gamer. Hence, Nintendo supports this gaming feature.
  • Also stands for enhancing the gaming experience as it is the combination of social gaming, versatile consoles, sensors, and HD rumble.
  • Can easily connect to the television, so as to be accessible and equally enjoyed by every existing member of the family or friends.

These are some gadgets that are recent, updated, and easily available in India on this given date. Only their prices could prove your fun to be expensive, but it’s worth buying through online retailers as it not only saves the additional cost of transport but also makes you avail of certain additional benefits available at certain websites. These games are worth a shot, if you are really looking for something fun or to be relieved of the ongoing stress.

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