How is Aicoosoft Video Converter Ultimate? All here!

Video converter that probably available in the market only do video converting and you can’t use them for multi-purpose tasks like editing, compressing, and recordings.

Aicoosoft video converters give you all these features. It allows you to converter your videos at super-fast speed and it is very user-friendly as well. Aicoosoft easily runs on Windows and Mac computers, so you don’t have to worry to buy different converters for relevant devices. Its Advance AI technology gives you an advantage over the converter and compresses your video without any loss of quality.

Aicoosoft video converter does not annoy you with unwanted ads and feels entirely secure.

Part 1. How does Aicoosoft Video Converter perform?

There is no match of Aicoosoft video converters performance as compare to its competitors. With so many functionalities, Aicoosoft video converter runs smoothly.

We review Aicoosoft video converter by performing some test of its features.

a. Video Conversion

Aicoosoft video converter uses advance and GPU acceleration technology which edit your video 30 times faster than the normal converter. With this lightning-fast speed, the quality of the video remains the same. It supports more than 1000 formats and you can converter you video in any available format.

Test Details

You can change the bitrate, sample rate and resolution of the video/audio with Aicoosoft video converter.

Aicoosoft video converter can convert your video/audio in more than 1000+ formats, which will be played on almost all of the devices. You can convert you 4K or HD videos like 1080P and H264(AVC) without any worry to lose of video quality.

We just randomly choose a 21.1MB MP4 video and converted into MKV, surprisingly it takes only 5 minutes and 36 seconds to convert that is much quicker time than a usual converter.

b. Video Downloading

You need to install third-party software to download videos but Aicoosoft video converter allows you to download videos from all major and famous websites,

Below we listed some of the video downloading features of Aicoosoft;

  • You can download your favorite videos from more than 10000 websites.
  • Download Audio and video separately.
  • You can download the video into any of your desired formats
  • Download videos in 4K and HD formats.
  • You can download and convert your video into MP3 formats in just one click.
  • You can download multiple videos and playlists at the same time.

Test Details

We just downloaded random videos from Websites like Youtube and Facebook and Aicoosoft passes this test easily.

Below we just downloaded a random video of 3 minutes and 30 seconds from Youtube, in MP4 format has a resolution of 720P and this needs only 50 seconds to download video from YouTube.

c. Video Editing

Aicoosoft video converter gives you the advantage to edit your video. Below we just summarised some key features of Aicoosoft video editor.

  • Trim your video and remove unwanted parts from videos.
  • Merge 2 or more videos or different parts of videos.
  • It’s easy to crop or resize of your video.
  • You can add text and Subtitle.
  • Can add an image or logo as a watermark to your video.
  • Add effects and filters to improve video quality.
  • Adjust the brightness, contrast to as per your needs.
  • Adjust the audio level to reduce background voices

Test Details

We just added effects and adjusted the hue and brightness of the video to test this feature.

We just added text as a watermark and we select our desire Font and colour to give better look to watermark and adjusted it properly in the video.

All these features work properly and we edit our videos in no time. We fully satisfied by this Aicoosoft editing tool.

d. Video Compression

We use other compressed to compress video, the problem we face that, it loses it’s quality and video become blurry.

Aicoosoft video converter compresses your video and the video quality remains the same.

Here are some features of Video compressor:

  • Compress your video without any loss of quality with latest AI technology 
  • Compresses your HD and 4K.
  • If you are compressing your videos that are shoot in iPhone 11 pro, Drones or from Go Pro then you have a great compression result.

Test Details

We just randomly selected a 228 MB MP4 video and start compressing it. It took only 12 minutes and compress to 52 MB size.

Aicoosoft video converter has a good compressing speed as compared to the other compressors.

e. Video Recording:

You can record your video in Aicoosoft as a video converter. Here is a list of some key features:

  • Choose and adjust the area of a recording 
  • You can record videos and audio online such as tutorials, gaming streams.
  • You can record your videos using webcams.

 Test Details

We just record a Youtube video and select area and we enable audio recording as well.

The recording result is flawless, our video is recorded in high-quality and that shows Aicoosoft video converter performs every features so perfectly.

Part 3. Is it worth buying?

There are so many converters available that offer unique features at different prices and you don’t decide which is good to buy. You don’t have to worry about it as we are going to compare some top converters from their features and prices.

Aicoosoft video converter is available at $29.99 with so many advanced features where Video Proc and Uniconverter is available in $59.99 and $39.99 respectively.

These converters have very high prices but they don’t have any advance features that Aicoosoft have. Users have to take some guides online or they have to read ‘ How to use these converters ‘ before operating these tools. They don’t come up with built-in video downloader and they hardly support 100+ formats. Aicoosoft has super-fast downloading, converting and compressing rate while other converter lacks these features. You can download a full playlist from YouTube with just a single click. Aicoosoft video converter is worth buying as it offers so many features at a very affordable and attractive price.

Part 4. Conclusion

If you want to buy a video converter that gives you advance features in little price, then we recommend you to buy Aicoosoft video converters. We tested it and checked all the functionality of this converter and Aicoosoft performs all them smoothly.

Aicoosoft will be your first choice and All-In-One video converter

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