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6 Best Low-Maintenance Plants For Any Kind of Garden


Aug 18, 2020
Maintenance Plants

Everybody wishes that they have a garden in their house. It’s not only calming to build a green space but it also brings charm to the house. With a bunch of plants is a brilliant idea adding a bit of green color to your backyard. We have put together these beautiful home garden plants with low maintenance requirements for those who love the plants and want to order plants online and include them in their home. Read on for tips on selecting low-maintenance plants in the garden.

Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet is a spectacular visually appealing plant, covered every six to eight weeks or so with bulbous, fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers, usually set off by rain for an elegant, tropical look. Based on the variety the flowers can be white, cream, yellow, and light orange or even pale pink. Yet beware, the leaves and seeds are toxic. Angel’s Trumpet prefers full sun or part shade and wants to be in damp soil with its roots. This doesn’t withstand a freeze, so you can cover it with a sheet during the winter when you get light frosts. Grows up to 11 meters, but it can be pruned to make it bushier, which results in more flowers.

Creeping Sedum

Also widely known as stonecrops —these are some of the most versatile, drought-tolerant, and easy-to-grow perennials, and are available in various varieties. Plant creeping sedum in a dry environment where it can expand in the midst of drought or line a stonecrop walkway, where it will sustain the water flow of salt and sand used to dissolve winter ice. Such succulents range from bluish-gray to reddish-bronze in every color, and can find a home in just about all gardens.

Tree Fern

Make a realistic impression with a fern. When you buy it, it will look like a hideous log, but once rooted, the elegant green leaves unfurl to expose the magical appearance of a lush canopy of rainforests. Around the same time, the gnarly stalk is weirdly ugly and stunning. It is simply a thin stem surrounded by fibrous, dense roots. Could survive mild frost. Water often because it likes a humid climate. Tree ferns thrive well in a shady location, but some forms may stand up to some light. Usually grows to 5 meters but can grow to 15 meters.


The aromatic mint plant must be familiar to you for its power to restrain mosquitoes as well as to make excellent mojitos. Yet the quick care this plant requires to boot is just as much a blessing as it is a curse: the parasitic root of Peppermint grows so quickly that it could overrun your garden. Hold this fresh green plant potted in different planters that conveniently move from the windowsill to the balcony to reap its benefits round the year.


Eclectic and majestic, bamboo is a great choice to add that special thing.  There is a diverse array of types of bamboo, with various rising forms. Some are thick; others are on a thinner tendency. The stalk has yellow, green, iridescent and black colors. Generate a shield or screen, grow it in pots, or use it as a feature plant. Bamboo has a negative rep for its intrusive nature of spreading, and the difficulty in curbing. Check out dwarf and clump variants for bamboo plants online, as these may be better choices. Within the tropics, some varieties grow, while others can live throughout snowy winters. Bamboo can survive daylight or partial shade.


There’s a hosta for every area of your shade garden, from miniature to monster-size. Varieties with puckered, quilted, strap-like, or cupped leaves are valued for their bold foliage, while colors vary from palest yellow to rich blue-green with several multi-hued choices. The host is a winner for gardeners looking for lower-maintenance plants, because they will continue to flourish, getting gradually bigger, even without being divided. Simply plant in the typical garden soil and bait for slugs and snails or spray for deer and rabbits that could be a threat to your garden.

Plants can be both spectacular and easy to care if you consider the factors that cause additional work and balance the awareness against what you enjoy yourself. In the end, gardening should be a simple, friendly practice. Pick for outdoors from these simple plants to keep it that way. They look great in your yard, being fuss-free with low maintenance!

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