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We live in a world that is completely different from the one 50 or 100 years ago. Earlier, we had a lot of space for farming, gardening, leisure, and living. In the contemporary world, most of us have to live in a small space. And hence, we have to go to a park, garden, or zoo to get into the lap of nature. However, technological advancements have enabled us to bring nature close to us if we can’t get into it. Garden wall shelves, made of wood and structured metals/ropes, are an ideal item for creating an indoor garden in our home. 

If you have decided to use wooden planters for your indoor garden creation, you need to be very careful. Carefulness is required, as you can’t place a pot with any plant. Here are a few indoor plants that you can plant in the earthen/plastic/ceramic pots and place the same on the planters for an indoor garden in your home:

1. Tillandsia (air plants)

Air plants are the one that requires low maintenance and can grow anywhere, even without soil. You will love hanging air plants after planting in your desired plastic/earthen/ceramic pots. Place such a plant in a place with bright sunlight and enough air circulation. The space close to windows or doors will be great for hanging potted air plants on wooden planters.

2. Golden Pothos

Due to their variegated golden-yellow leaves, golden pothos gives a beautiful and attractive look to the installed place. For letting it bring out its colours, you must provide bright light to it. By planting it in your bedroom/living room, you can improve your indoor air quality and get rid of airborne toxins. You will have sound sleep every night.

3. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

Opt for this plant only when you have a big empty spot in your abode. It is advisable, as it covers a lot of vertical and horizontal space. Its long and bright leaves are known by many nicknames such as ribbon plant and airplane plant. You can easily opt for planting it in your home, as it is non-toxic to your pets and easy to keep maintained.

4. ZZ Plant 

Due to its botanical name Zamioculcas zamiifolia, it is acknowledged as ZZ Plant. You should have this plant on your garden wall shelves, as you can easily take care of it. Its care and maintenance are as easy as going to bed at night. It can grow in low light and requires water after 3-4 weeks. 

5. Chinese Money Plant 

 According to an old saying, the plantation of this plant in your home or commercial setup can help you get success in finance. However, there is no scientific proof for the same. It grows less than one foot and doesn’t require frequent fertilizers and water. 


When it comes to indoor plants, you will have a long list of the same. The write-up has included the best 5 indoor plants that you can easily place on wooden hanging planters for creating an indoor garden. 

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