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5 best free graphic design software for 2020 and beyond


Oct 24, 2020
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Free graphic design software programs are a great source of learning basic graphic designing skills. But for professional graphic designing, one must go for premium graphic designing software like Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator, and many others. Of course, the free ones are not as popular as the premium ones because of their wide variety and continuous new additions every day. The premium graphic design software programs are globally in demand and everyone knows about them. When it comes to the free software, not many people are aware of the best ones and as a result, they might end up on a webpage loaded with spams and malware with tons of ads on a single page. It is thus essential to understand which free software actually work and which ones are there just for generating traffic to a specific website. There are some online platforms that offer a variety of graphic designing tools for free and their advanced features can be subscribed at some monthly or yearly fees, like Canva. Then there are professional online services like Sky Potential which gives you complete business solutions from graphic designing to web development and AI strategies. 

Now we will talk about 5 best free downloadable graphic design software programs that you might want to consider for your basic graphic designing such as brochures, pamphlets, business cards, invitation cards, cover images, and much more.  

  1. Inkscape

Inkscape is considered to be a complete graphic designing software that gives you the flexibility to create eye-catching visuals. It comes with a bundle of features that are essential for basic graphic designing as well as vector designs. The tools available in this software are designed with a good concern for beginners as to make it easy to learn. Some basic tools include shape tools, pencil tools, transformations, and much more.  Inkscape has a built-in illustrator to give you the edge in the graphic designing niche. Plenty of file format compatibility options are also available in this free software for ease of sharing the designed files.  

  1. Krita

Many professional graphic designers prefer to work on Krita to save their money. If you are a graphic designer and do this job for your bread and butter them you might want to consider downloading this one as a start. Talk about features and tools, Krita has them in abundance. All your professional graphic designing needs can be fulfilled when you select this freeware as your work station. Illustrator is also available in Krita, textures can be designed, abstract art and beautiful illustrations can also be developed using the same software. Beginners can also easily work on it as it has a very easy to understand user interface and it is customizable. If you want any additional tools in your resources, Krita gives you the liberty to import those tools. It is a cross-platform software and supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

  1. Blender

Now comes software that is able to take you beyond your everyday graphic designing. It has some amazing features and tools – 3D modeling, Animations, sculpture arts are a few of them. You can create vivid visual effects and some amazingly engaging three-dimensional animations on it. When we talk about 3D modeling then Rendering cannot be ignored and Blender has certainly not ignored it. Yes, Blender offers rendering on it as well. There are some advanced features in Blender as well, like python scripting, Object motion tracking, sculpting, and simulations. 

  1. Gimp

If you have a low-quality image and you want to enhance its visuals and improve the pixel quality, then Gimp is the right software for you. It is a famous free graphic design software made for multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. You can create amazing artworks on it starting from scratch. There are some advanced features in Gimp like Photo enhancement, Animations, illustrations, masking, layers, and more. When it comes to user interface, Gimp also provides a customizable GUI to make the graphic designing experience rich and convenient.

  1. DesignWizard

DesignWizard is a simple yet brilliant free graphic design software. All your graphic designing needs can be met on this amazing software. Good for beginners, because they have integrated over 10,000 pre-designed templates to keep graphic designing on the go. Their database is huge and has all sorts of image designs, patterns, and textures. You can resize your designs, unlike other software that require premium access for changing the pixel dimensions of your design. You can use it as your household graphic designing engine as it allows you to load your own logo in it, your custom fonts and images right from your desktop. DesignWizard gives you one of the best user interface by integrating font library, personalization of folders, saving your favorite design in the software’s library, and much more.

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