20 Kerala best stuff to do


In natural beauty, there is a particular form of uniqueness. The list of photos for any traveller planning to visit Kerala is given here. This is a complete list.

1. Kerala eat stall snacks- Bonda, Sukhiyan

There are stalls across Kerala serving special Kerala snacks such as Bonda, Sukhiyan & Pazhampori (Banana Fritters ). Take a while to snack some of the hot tea on a vacation in Kerala.

2. Enjoy Paragliding’s adventure.

As a region dotted with rivers, beaches, and hills, Kerala is perfect for adventure, and its promise seems far away. Trekking, climbing rock climbing, camping in hills and water adventure activities in Kerala are common adventure activities.

3. Wet yourself under the cascades.

Kerala has plenty of magnificent cascades such as ‘Athirapally falls,’ also known as the ‘Niagara Falls in India.’ In June, August, and September, during monsoon seasons you will have the opportunity to drink under the waterfalls and to hear the musical sound of falling waters. Whenever you drive to Munnar you will see several soothing waterfalls where you can relax.

4. Museum visit.

The Kerala museums are renowned for craftsmanship, historical decorations, ivory carts, and masks made of the Kathakali faces. In January and March, you must visit us.

5. Take a look at the Zoo.

For every animal lover, zoos and zoological parks must be visited. In the Trivandrum Zoo, there is a close view of wildlife as well as beautiful lakes and lawns, which will freshen your skin.

6. Visit the fortress of Bekal.

The Kasaragod Fort is approximately 35 acres long. It is 130ft above sea level. It is the biggest and best fort in Kerala above sea level, with its broad red structure. Bekal is the most exciting time to visit during the winter season from August to March when you can view the magnificent sea from the top of the fort Bekal.

7. Food flavour cooked in steel products.

These pots still often are used on homemade stoves with wood as fuel Kerala Cuisine

. The Kerala women still cook the food in the old steel and think that the food that is cooked in these pots gives it a natural and unique taste. Have an ability to taste and even attempt to cook food in those tanks.

8. Visit the National Park of Jatayu.

Jatayu Nature Park is a Ramayana themed park named after the bird of Ramayana that tried to save Sita. This rock-themed park is located in Kollam district, Kerala, and offers the delight of the eyes as well as a sense of adventure to the Jatayu nature tourists and promotes mythology, adventure, and spa tourism.

9. Visit Cherai or Marari, a nice beach.

Cherai & Marari beaches in Kerala are nice beaches where you can try yourself alone. You will see one and watch one come out with the wonderful splash and go back with unbelievable diving if you are lucky enough.

10. Check out traditional houseboat Kerala fishing.

Traditional houseboat Kerala fisheries can be watched. It is also possible to try fishing with a rod and finish a fish feed, place it in the water, or just pull a fishnet and spread it in the water. Anyway, you will capture the fish, you will never come back clean.

11. Check out Snake Park.

As the name states, Kannur has three snakes and 15 glass cases with various types of snakes in the snake park at Parassinikadavu. King Cobras has two big glass cases. In addition, every hour there is a snake show that really deserves publicity.

12. Watch the Puppet Show in Tholpavakoothu.

Get amused by watching Tholpavakoothu, a shadow marionette practiced in Thrissur, Palakkad, and Malappuram Kerala districts. Tholpavakoothu is Bhadrakali-dedicated and displays Ramayana scenes.

13. Watch Fireworks at a festival of the Temple.

There is no Kerala temple festival in the sky without fireworks and fireworks in Thrissur Pooram are most popular. See the night as the brilliant fireworks light the heavens over the temple of light in Kerala.

14. Arabic Sea surfing.

Love Surfing – Love Surfing? Kannur, Kovalam, and Varkala are some of India’s best surf destinations to learn how to surf.

15. See a demonstration from Kalaripayattu.

Kalaripayattu is one of the oldest forms of self-defence in the country, the martial art of Kerala. On a Holiday in Kerala, it is worth seeing Kalaripayattu that includes punches, kicks, fights, preset forms, armaments, healing methods, stunts, and combating.

16. Practice ashram yoga classes.

Yoga sessions are conducted under the perfect supervision of trained spiritual gurus in various ashrams. Go for reflection, soul rest, and relaxation.

17. Watch the wildlife at Thekkady closely.

Watch the animals in Thekkady in close quarters. The moving herds, calm elephants, fierce tigers, and birds with the sky and long leaves – a paradise for the photographer to catch.

18. See Kovalam Beach’s Sunset.

Watch the elegance of the wet at the beach of Kovalam bathed in the golden sun rays – an aperitif at sunset.

19. Say Nilgiri Tahr Hello.

Here in Eravikulam National Park, you will reach Nilgiri Tahr – half the world population. They’re quiet and polite. Find yourself free to take some snaps.

20. Palaces of Kerala.

The ancient Palaces of Kerala are evidence of the skillful architects of old age. If you visit the palaces of Kerala and do not look at them, you would miss something cool. To discover Kerala’s culture and heritage and this historic stay is a nostalgic experience in Kerala one of the palaces in Kerala should be visited.

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