11 Foods That Will Give You Much Needed Boost of Energy

11 Foods That Will Give You Much Needed Boost of Energy

About 30% of all the energy that a person receives from food is spent on the digestive process. This includes the synthesis of enzymes, hormones, bile, filtration, excretion from the body, and other physiological processes.

However, there is a special category of foods that can give maximum energy to a person. And after their use, a person feels the maximum surge of strength and a charge of cheerfulness.

What nutrition gives the body the most strength? What is special about these products that make it possible to increase the energy and keep it in good shape? What should you eat to restore strength and vitality? All answers are in our article.

Top 11 Energy-Boosting Foods

So, what are the most effective performance-enhancing foods? Let’s take a look at a selection of 10 of the most tried-and-tested options that will give you an all-day boost and best meet your energy needs.

 Oatmeal or Muesli

In addition to simple and complex carbohydrates, it also contains magnesium, vitamin B1, and phosphorus. These elements improve intercellular metabolism. Oatmeal and muesli are good sources of energy, but it does not last long. That is why; it is more beneficial to eat them with milk, adding a small amount of butter, and dried fruits.

 Dried Fruits

All dried fruits contain fructose and fibre. The first is one of the simplest carbohydrates, which the body absorbs 5-10 minutes after consumption. And fibre helps the body to digest food and prevents intestinal problems.

Also, dried fruits are extremely beneficial for the heart, which indirectly improves blood circulation in the brain. Some of the richest dried fruits in energy are dried apricots and baked pears.


Quail eggs are better than chicken eggs; they contain almost 3 times more protein. They also contain simple fats that get absorbed within 2 – 3 hours, providing the body with energy that lasts for a long period of time. The choline in eggs strengthens memory.

The only caveat is that it is better to eat boiled or fresh eggs.

It is worth remembering that raw chicken eggs can be a source of salmonellosis. But quail have immunity to this infection. Since the pores of their shell are so small that even bacteria are not able to penetrate through them.

Alcoholic Drinks

According to research, alcoholic drinks actually help to increase the amount of energy in the body. But be aware, along with energy, these drinks also increase the level of aggression. Due to this aggression, many people ruin their relationships.

life after addiction will become even more difficult because you will not have any loved one around you. Therefore, though alcoholic drinks are a source of energy such energy can be destructive.


Honey is one of the healthiest foods for the brain, with a high concentration of carbohydrates. It contains practically no fats. But, in addition to sucrose, there is a wide list of minerals, metals, and vitamins that help normalize the biochemical composition of the blood.

Honey has a positive effect on brain functions, improves concentration, and memory. Many doctors recommend completely abandoning sugar and replacing it with honey. Just remember that when heated above 65 degrees Celsius, it loses most of its beneficial properties.


The situation with the influence of coffee on the brain is not clear. It provides a boost of vivacity due to the presence of caffeine, and it acts as a stimulant. However, it practically does not have a negative effect on the body.


Caffeine improves memory and boosts energy. But you shouldn’t abuse it. Otherwise, you can bring the body to the point of getting used to the fact that it receives energy only in this way.

 Fruits and Vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables to boost energy is a one-stop solution. They all contain fibre, which is essential for energy and digestion. Both vegetables and fruits are healthy for the human body.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should definitely a part of your regular diet. Even during the recovery period after the treatment of gastritis or stomach ulcers, you should eat more fruits.

 Natural Yogurt

Natural yogurt is rich in essential nutrients necessary for the body. Regular consumption of yogurt will allow not only to normalize the work of the entire digestive system but also to receive a considerable boost of energy. It is especially beneficial for women’s health.

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Almost all types of beans have proteins and complex carbohydrates, which the body uses throughout the day. A canned bean breakfast is just as good as traditional oatmeal. Who does not like beans – pea soup or all sorts of salads with are suitable for that?



Our body requires water to fulfill its need. It is a source of energy. Without it, a living being cannot survive. Due to dehydration, many of the main processes in the body fail. Fatigue and drowsiness occur due to a lack of water in the body. Try to drink water right after you wake up in the morning.


Even if you sleep 8 hours a day, but drink little, the body will still tire faster. Therefore, if you feel very tired, instead of an energy drink, pour yourself a glass of plain water.



Nuts have almost all the necessary minerals and vitamins. All these maintain the nominal concentration of nutrients in the body. This will positively affect the metabolic rate.


Accordingly, if you just eat nuts, then there will be a minimum of energy. And if you add them, for example, to a dessert, it will help the body get energy quickly. Nuts also improve the memory and attention of a person.


There are many foods that can increase the amount of energy in the body. However, excessive consumption of any of these products can be harmful. Do not overdose yourself and use the above-mentioned foods in moderation.

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