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Sri Lanka

Some people are beached, some are mountaineers. There is no place for those who are both like Sri Lanka’s little island land with such a varied landscape that one morning you can be on sandy beaches and the next on the hilly highlands. Sri Lanka also has plenty of colourful tropical forests to discover the jungle. A visit to Sri Lanka can be a very spiritual enrichment experience with an excellent collection of monuments and temples. Sri Lanka is full of tourist attractions and we bring you the 10 best places to visit in Sri Lanka to enjoy your vacations.

Lovely Sri Lankan Places in 2020

1. Fort Bile

The historic Galle Fort is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. The Fort Galle was founded in the 16th century by the Portuguese and then improved in the 17th century by the Dutch. Enjoy the breathtaking sea view from the fort or just stroll along the cobbled path around the fortress area of Galle. The area of the fort is bordered by small food shops, cafes, beverage shops, and libraries. The fortress Galle also provides one of the most spectacular sunset views.

2. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a popular tourist destination, located approximately 13 kilometres from Kegalle and offers visitors a special and unique experience. One of the best things to do in Sri Lanka is to see baby elephants playing their hearts in shallow water. The Pinnawala Orphanage is built to take good care of baby elephants abandoned by their moms. Since the orphanage teaches you something or two about elephant treatment, besides giving you a fantastic natural setting.

3. National Park of Yala

The Yala National Park is located about 200 kilometres from Bentota, one of the most famous wildlife areas in Sri Lanka. Jump on a jeep and go into the depths of the forest for an exciting safari. Enter into your holiday packages in Sri Lanka a trip to Yala National Park because you never want to miss it. You will possibly find a few leopards and elephants on your safari in Sri Lanka.

4. Pigeon

It’s the supreme sin to visit Sri Lanka and not to explore Colombo City. Go along Colombo streets, and get to places you’re looking for. The place to try some delicious street food in Sri Lanka is Colombo. Go to Galle Face Green, and relax on the green grass or make a spiritual tour through the Buddhist Temple of Gangaramaya. A little tourism from Colombo can always be very gratifying.

5. The lake of Beira

There is nothing like the relaxing boat trip in Beira Lake after a round of sightseeing or shopping. Located right in Colombo center, the lake has cool, verdant, and refreshing waters. You can rent a paddleboat and carry one to the shore. Paddle in the waters, float alongside the sweet swans and the lake’s many ducks. For a relaxing experience, visit Beira Lake.

6. Bay of Arugam

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia are in Sri Lanka. The waters of Arugam Bay, which is custom made for adrenaline jokes, can be one of the most fun. Take the swimwear and take advantage of some sailing, speedboat, and other water sports. Arugam Bay is one of the most beautiful destinations in Sri Lanka owing to its turquoise blue water and ranges of cocoa trees.

7. Ella

Situated 200 kilometres from Colombo Ella is a little town that is best known for the Ella Gap. The Sri Lankan Mountains are one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka and are popular for tourists. Ella is located in the center of lush green foliage and tea grounds. The city of Ella is surrounded by hills and is suitable for a whole day or two between mountains.

8. Eliya Nuwara

Talking about hill stations, Nuwara Eliya has the same overall atmosphere as Ella, which can rival the stunning views that it provides. Nuwara Eliya is a 19th-century mountain station that still preserves its colonial atmosphere. The luxuriant green and mountainous countryside offers a perfect setting for a peaceful and profound holiday. Also, the train from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya is such a picturesque journey that for most of your trip you can look out the window.

9. Cave Temple Dambulla

For an overview of ancient history and culture, visit the Dambulla Cave Temple, one of Sri Lanka’s most famous cultural landmarks. The temple complex is one of Sri Lanka’s largest and includes a wonderful collection of statues and paintings from the 12th century. The temple has five rooms, all with a beautiful Buddha statue of various sizes. To get a better view, climb up to the top of the temple.

10. The Future

Without the visit to the famous World Heritage of Sigiriya, your Sri Lankan sightseeing will remain grossly unaffected. Sigiriya, also known as the ‘mont du souvenir,’ is one of Sri Lanka’s most breathtaking locations. A broad rock formation balances the Sigiriya rock fortress in the center of lush vegetation. Take a little effort to get to the top of the Sigiriya Rock and enjoy a lovely view of the location at a 360-degree latitude.

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